Sunday, January 6, 2008

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What Kind of Girl Are You?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Cures for cold..cough

1.keep a piece of athimathuram or sittharathai(available in nmk's-naatu marunthu kadais)in the mouth always.
2.or a piece of heated kadukkai skin in the same way.
3.steam pieces of aadathodai leaves in a idly cooker and when hot extract the juice,to about 1 ounce of this add honey half an ounce.take this medicine for 4-6 times a sure to make this fresh daily.this will cure puffiness and headache along with cold.
4.take equal amounts of beetlenut leave's tip(vettrilai kambu),lavangam and elarisi(available in the naatu marunthu kadais).add milk and grind this mixture.make into small round cakes and dry it in sun.this can be used for immediate use anytime.
5.or take the mixture said above,add milk and drink.
6.or apply it on forehead and nose.this will lighten the mucous and prevents heaviness and fever.
7.saute pepper in ghee.take jaggery in a kadai,add water and make it into a syrup.add the pepper to this and make it into balls.whenever required,it can be kept in the mouth under the tongue.
i'll follow up with a post on a kashayam for cold

Thriphalathi Thailam

The name of the herbs are in tamil and is locally available in naatu marundhu kadais(herb shops)in various places.The following is the procedure to is best to buy the readymade bottle as the procedure involves lot of work.
skin of kadukaki
skin of thaanikai
take equal amounts of the above and grind into a paste with water or milk.
take gingelly oil (the quantity should be double of the amount taken above)add 250 ml milk and the paste.keep this in a kadai and heat.when it is hardened add a pinch of camphor and remove from heat.

This can be used for oil bath and for daily use on scalp.

Advantages of oil bath

It is said that taking oil bath(with gingelly oil)gives GOOD SLEEP,BESTOWS YOUTH,GIVES GOOD EYESIGHT,SOFTENS SKIN AND MAKES IT SHINY,MAKES US STRONG AND SOLVES MOST NERVE DISORDERS.It is advised to take head bath daily or atleast once a week.But it should be avoided by people suffering from indigestion and cold as it gives excessive cooling.

After leaving for some time,take bath with nalangmaavu or kadalai maavu.Triphalathi thailam can also be used for oil bath.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

veetu vaithyam...........

............all it takes is our friendly neighbourhood naatu marunthu kadai..i'll start posting on various tips for various disorders..advantage?'s CHEAP,FAST,EFFECTIVE AND DOESN'T CAUSE TOO MUCH SIDE-EFFECTS..
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